Radisson Blu Hotel Altstadt

Welcome to the Radisson Blu Hotel Altstadt in Salzburg operated by Austria Trend

The Radisson Blu Hotel Altstadt is a true jewel box in the heart of Salzburg, radiating the magic of centuries of history - its chronicle can be traced back to the year 1377. Among other things, Salzburg was supplied with refreshing beer from here when the house was still used by a brewery. Today you can be enchanted by the lovingly preserved historical details such as medieval wooden ceilings, stucco decorations and antique paintings. Just like the luxury, comfort and service you are used to from a modern hotel - on the highest level. 
The historic ambience of our hotel is a guarantee that your stay in Salzburg at the Radisson Blu Hotel Altstadt will go down in your personal history books. Not least because of its uniqueness. Because in this jewel steeped in history, none of the exclusive rooms is like the other. But also the culinary delights that we compose for you in the in-house restaurant "Symphony" will inspire your senses. The refined creations made from seasonal and regional ingredients are accompanied for your enjoyment by melodious Austrian and international wines and a picturesque view over the Salzach River. The perfect setting for a very special stay in the cultural and musical city of Salzburg.


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