Verlag Anton Pustet (Kunstquartier)

Verlag Anton Pustet

425 years of publishing history in Salzburg Although the name and location changed frequently during this period, an uninterrupted tradition can be traced back to Konrad Kürner, who printed the first book in Salzburg in 1592.

The Kürnersche outlet was located in a house on today's Kajetanerplatz, later in Gstättengasse, where it was destroyed by the landslide of 1669. Under the management of the printer Johann Baptist Mayr, the company flourished. Prince Archbishop Max Gandolf, founder of the famous library in the Residenz-Neugebäude, granted Johann Baptist Mayr the privilege of court and academic book printer and even elevated him to the nobility.

This was a sign of the importance of the book and publishing industry, which had experienced a significant upswing above all with the founding of the University in Salzburg. At the end of the 18th century the Mayr printing works went into decline. Due to a scandal triggered by a writing critical of the church, it had to be sold well below its market value and ended up in a roundabout way in the hands of Franz Xaver Duyle.

Verlag Anton Pustet (Kunstquartier)

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