Salzburg Guide

Salzburg Guide

There is almost no more beautiful setting for a stroll through the city. Narrow streets and wide squares - here you can feel the history of the archbishops and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This city knows how to inspire its guests time and again.

The SALZBURG GUIDE | Shopping Eat Drink will help you to conquer the city. You can store to your heart's content, linger in cafés and restaurants or enjoy culture in one of the museums. Favorite places included.

Guests will find the compact guide in every hotel in the city and also at many other places in and around Salzburg. It is available free of charge throughout the year. The handy booklet fits in any handbag or jacket pocket.

The guide leads through the quarters of the city and shows a wide range of establishments. There's something for everyone - whether it's cool shopping, delicious food or fascinating exhibitions.

Have fun being inspired.

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