The STADTWERK - A model for the future

The STADTWERK is the living example for the urban upgrading of a whole district. The STADTWERK brings vitality and modern life to Salzburg by adding an urban center to the traditional Altsatdt and upgrading the district of Lehen in a livable and lovable way.

On an area of 4.24 hectares and only a 10-minute walk from Salzburg's old town, in the immediate vicinity of the Salzach River and with a direct S-Bahn connection, a new piece of the city was created in 2014. Due to its uniqueness in Salzburg, the Stadtwerk has a unique position, which accounts for its attractiveness for residents and visitors, its magnetic effect on innovative companies and its value as an "urban catalyst".

The guiding principle of the urban development by PRISMA, gswb and Heimat Österreich around the subsequent use of the former premises of the Salzburg municipal utility in Lehen was the challenge of embedding the newly created residential space in an ambitious program of mixed, urban uses.

Characteristic for the "Stadtwerk" is a development that allows a direct juxtaposition of public open spaces, diverse passageways, urban uses and a range of residential qualities. The result is an exciting new neighborhood with urban flair that offers commercial, cultural and social uses with a variety of different open space qualities from urban to green.

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