Schlosshotel Iglhauser

The times when the Salzburg bishops imposed "tavern coercion" on their subjects are long gone. Those who visit the former "Hoftafern" from 1398, which is now idyllically situated on the shore of Lake Mattsee as "Schlossbräu", do so of their own free will and have good reasons for doing so. One of them is Mrs. lglhauser's gourmet kitchen, which focuses on fish from her own fish water, products from natural cultivation in the neighborhood and home-grown herbs, with which she likes to cook according to historical recipes from the old "Salzburg Kitchen Gardens". Another reason to travel to the Mattsee is the well-stocked wine cellar of the house, which is justifiably widely praised and managed by patron Jakob Iglhauser, a "renowned innkeeper" of the traditional old Salzburg type.

Schlosshotel Iglhauser

Schlossbergweg 1
5163 Mattsee

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