Dom Quartier

Dom Quartier

With the opening of the new DomQuartier, Salzburg set a cultural highlight in the heart of the city on May 17, 2014: the former center of prince-archbishop power, the complex of residence and cathedral, supplemented by the Benedictine monastery of St. Peter, can be experienced by the public as a tour for the first time after 200 years.

The state rooms of the Salzburg Residenz
Over the centuries, the Salzburg Residenz served as a magnificent residence for the prince archbishops. Even in the Baroque era, the city palace of the prince bishops was one of the most feudal places of representation in the German-speaking world.

Cathedral Museum
Since 1974 the Cathedral and Diocesan Museum has been housed in the galleries of Salzburg Cathedral, some of which were formerly used as chapels. It brings together works of art from 1300 years of Salzburg's church history.

Chamber of Art and Curiosities
In the southern arch of the cathedral, a chamber of art and curiosities was built in the second half of the 17th century, which gathered objects made of rock crystal, ivory, ibex horn as well as precious stones. After the end of the archbishopric in 1803, the collection was dispersed and reconstructed in 1974 in the spirit of a Baroque cabinet of curiosities.

Long Gallery St. Peter
The Long Gallery of St. Peter, an impressive 70 meters long and decorated with outstanding ceiling stucco work, is one of the earliest gallery buildings north of the Alps. Today, the former painting gallery of the prince archbishops houses large-scale religious paintings from the rich collections of the Archabbey of St. Peter.

Museum of St. Peter
The valuable art treasures from the collections of the Archabbey of St. Peter, which can be seen in the Long Gallery and the Museum, illustrate the history of the oldest monastery in the German-speaking world.

Dom Quartier

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