arte Hotel Salzburg

ErLebensWert was developed from our attitude towards those people who accompany us on our daily journey. Our customers, co-hosts (= employees) and also suppliers.

On the one hand, it shows the guests of our house why we consider a stay with us to be worth experiencing. On the other hand, it supports our co-hosts to recognize what has value in life and also to live accordingly in order to fulfill their personal vision of meaning.

True to one of our highest maxims "Every day is new", we commit ourselves anew every day to meet our guests with honest cordiality and to make their stay really worth experiencing with professional organization.

arte Hotel Salzburg

Rainerstraße 28
5020 Salzburg Stadt

+43 (0)6769305366
m.kutsch (at)


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28 Accommodations (ca. 1000 m)