Gut Aiderbichl GmbH

Gut Aiderbichl GmbH

Since its foundation in 2001, Gut Aiderbichl has been able to help many thousands of animals. With the help of contacts, television and print media, our office has been able to place numerous animals in good places. Currently, over 1700 animals are under our protection, including over 400 horses alone.


A round number, a round thing: In the year 2000 the building of Gut Aiderbichl was started.
In cooperation with the architect Michael Ferch, Michael Aufhauser succeeded in creating a very special place for animals. In 2005, the estate was significantly enlarged with the Wolf Company.

His demands were high: a place in a solitary location, in the midst of unspoiled nature, surrounded by the rural farms in Flachgau. With the help of a RAIKA bank director, this dream finally came true: Michael Aufhauser bought the Aiderbichl estate.

The name comes from the Celtic language. "Ayd" means "fire", "Bichl" is Old High German and a term for "hill". Research revealed that in the 8th century the Bavarian family Überacker settled the Flachgau. At that time, they attached great importance to the fact that their estates were built on special power sites. Gut Aiderbichl also stands on such a place of power.

Natural materials were deliberately used for the current construction. The larch wood, for example, was cut at a certain phase of the moon. Only natural wood preservation sheathes the buildings, chemical impregnation was avoided. Many old and traditional building methods have been implemented at Gut Aiderbichl. They fit harmoniously into the idyllic surroundings of the Flachgau.

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